Crizal Avancé is the latest innovation in anti-reflective technology:

•Prevents the reflections that cause eyestrain and fatigue, 
especially useful for computers and night driving. 
•Creates clear vision by helping light enter your eyes. 
•Provides unbeatable two-sided scratch resistance, extending 
the life of your lenses. 
•Incredibily easy to clean; greater smudge and dust resistance
•Scratching reduced because lenses require less cleaning

Ask us about Crizal or visit our office for a demonstration. 

                     TOUGH . DURABLE . 2-SIDED

              The Ultimate Protection Against Scratches 
                      for Both Sides of Your Lenses

With normal handling, your lenses get scratched on both sides. 
These scratches interfere with the clarity of your vision. 

•TD2 offers superior protection against scratches.
•TD2 protects both the front and back of your lenses.
•TD2 stands the test of life.

Transitions Lenses: The Smart Choice

Transitions Lenses automatically adjust to changing light, becoming as dark as sunglasses when necessary. 

Transitions Lenses can play an essential role in promoting healthy vision. The same benefits that let you see well today also protect your vision for tomorrow. You can count on them for:

•Visual quality wherever you need it - indoors, outdoors, and in any light.
•Visual comfort in any situation for reduced eye strain and eye fatigue.
•Convenient protection from harmful UV rays and glare. 

The Best Progressive Lenses

A breakthrough lens so technologically advanced, it’s like having your pre-40 vision back! This new digital progressive addition eyeglass lens gives you the comfort of clear, crisp, true vision EVERYWHERE you look. Some people manage by having several pairs of glasses to see clearly at different distances. Others end up wearing bifocals or trifocals and cope with the jump in vision when their eyes move from one distance to another.

Let us demonstrate how the new Varilux digital progressive lens can help you see the world the way it is, comfortably and easily

Unmask the Color with Superior Polarized Sunglass Technology

Purely brilliant technology takes away all glare and enables pure color to come rushing in…revealing sharp contrast and increased depth perception, therefore bringing colors alive. 

Waterproof and Oleophobic Coating
Sheds water and snow, repels oil and fingerprints, makes cleaning easy.

Anti-Reflective Treatment
Absorbs bounce-back glare and reduces eye fatigue.

Proprietary scratch-resistant coating.

Crisp distortion-free optics with a choice of lens materials.

Flexibility, Durability, Comfort.
Titanium Flexon frames that rarely need adjustments.

20% OFF Second pair of glasses.
(Must be purchased within 30 days of 1st pair)

Lens Options:

Polarizing Film
Our proprietary polarizing film absorbs harsh reflective glare.

Bi-Gradient Mirror
Eliminates overhead and reflected glare. 
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