Glaucoma Evaluation & Treatment

Glaucoma refers to a family of eye diseases where the fluid pressure 
increases inside the eye, causing irreversible nerve fiber damage of
the retina. It is the leading cause of preventable blindness in the U.S. 
There is no pain, no noticeable symptoms, and no cure. The good 
news is that it can be controlled if detected early.

We are the only office in Nevada County, and one of only a few in 
Northern California, to have the state-of-the-art Zeiss Cirrus High-
Definition OCT. This instrument scans and measures the 
thickness of the retinal nerve fiber layers, providing the earliest 
possible detection of glaucoma. The diagnosis and evaluation of 
glaucoma is also aided by the use of our new high- resolution 
digital retinal photographs and measurement of the corneal thickness 
using ultrasound (Pachymetry). 

Don't delay in calling our office if you have any concerns regarding 
your eyes and glaucoma. 

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